Indigicate is an Indigenous-owned organisation that specialises in educational sessions on Indigenous Australian culture and history through camps, incursions and cultural training for educators or businesses.


EXCITING NEWS – Indigicate wins tender to pilot program for Indigenous young people in out of home care.

We recently won the tender to design and facilitate a pilot program that helps Aboriginal young people living in out of home care connect with culture and country through outdoor education programs. The program is called NICHE (Nurturing Indigenous Cultural Holistic Experiences) and is a program that will see two groups of 12 young people (15-17yo, one boys only group and one girls only group) participate in a seven day outdoor education experience on country.

The experience is designed and facilitated using traditional Indigenous pedagogy and will help build resilience, leadership and cultural connection. Upon completion the young people will receive certificates in canoeing and bush walking, empowering them to do more independent journeys like this and maybe even encourage them to pursue careers in the outdoor industry.

Indigicate is not alone in this venture. We are incredibly fortunate to have partnered with Winda-Mara Aboriginal Co-op who will provide the local elders and leaders for the camp, as well as help us select the young people for the camp. Their guidance throughout the submission stage has been amazing, what a wonderful organisation to partner with. Thank you Winda Mara for your continued help.

The camp will be on Gunditjmara country and will utilise the Great South West Walk – Portland Vic as well the Glenelg river. A fantastic and significant spot for the young people.

The pilot program is tendered by Sport and Recreation Victoria and will involve many activities including Ultimate Frisbee lessons from two Australian representatives. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast growing sport that is easy to play and learn, if you want to know more or have a look at what the sport does check out Ultimate Victoria.

Well done to our partner school Beaconhills College on continuing to lead the way in Indigenous Education. Their launch is on Monday night, our CEO Shawn Andrews will be speaking at the launch. Read more…

Congratulations to Bruce Pascoe on winning the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for his book Dark Emu. This book will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about Indigenous agriculture and the ‘hunter-gatherer’ myth. Read more…


Recently Shawn Andrews visited Vancouver where he had the honour of closing the Innagural Indigenous conference of building sustainability through international networks. His speech received a standing ovation.

The version below is a three-minute take from the 16-minute original.

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Indigicate's @geoffrey.a.martin9 is enjoying some sailing with King David Schools year 11s. #indigicate #fun #sailing #indigenouseducation ...

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Nights on camp. @_shawn_andrews is facilitating an evening session with year 8s drim Donvale Christian School. @david.kennedy4 is with Beaconhills College year 8s. @geoffrey.a.martin9 is working with Halls Outdoor Education. Aurore Fahy and Terry Atkinson are out at Camp Jungai working with OEG schools. #indigenous #indigenouseducation #outdoored #outdooreducationgroup #hallsoutdoored #fun #camping ...

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Another spectacular evening facilitating sessions with year eights. #indigenouseducation #indigicate #outdoored ...

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Today we worked on discrimination and exclusion by creating a perfect person, a ideal person and the wall of discrimination (which we tore down). #sandridgeschool #Indigicate #unity #equality #outdoored ...

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