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Outdoor Education -
Creating our own tracks

Indigicate approaches outdoor education differently. Our programs are designed and facilitated to connect our learners with Indigenous Culture in a natural setting. Our focus is not on conquering tasks or completing activities, it is teaching young people Indigenous culture through connection. 

At Indigicate our Indigenous connection pedagogy aims to teach learners how to connect with self, land and community through outdoor experiences that shape thoughtful, respectful and kind young people.

At Indigicate ‘We don’t conquer mountains, we understand them’.   

School Incursions and speeches

Indigicate designs and facilitates school incursions for ELC through to VCE. We work with schools within their curriculum to structure and facilitate lessons that suit the schools values and learning outcomes.

Schools can book Indigicate for:

  • Early Learning Centre story telling
  • Primary School lessons on History, Federation and popular civic movements
  • Secondary School specific curriculum lessons
  • School assembly speeches
  • Leadership and motivational discussions

All Lessons are taught from an Indigenous perspective.


Indigenous camps for future leaders

We facilitate outdoor education and multi -day leadership camps for Indigenous young people. Our young people are important. At Indigicate we want our young Indigenous people to feel safe, be happy and reach their potential. That’s why we have created programs that are specifically tailored to working with Indigenous young people living in out of home care.

Indigicate has partnered with several Indigenous organisations to deliver multi-day leadership camps. Camps are built on partnerships with local Indigenous organisations in collaboration with state and federal government.  


Cultural training that changes organisations

At Indigicate we understand that no one mould fits all and that your organisation is as unique as the training we provide. Our cultural training is built on authentic, two way learning and is designed to help your organisation develop reconciliation.

If Australia is going to close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage then every organisation must be culturally competent. In order to achieve this we need long term, sustainable change. At Indigicate we want organisations to be champions of reconciliation and have designed training packages that look for ways of creating synergy between your organisations values and Indigenous culture. 

Our experts

Shawn Andrews is a descendant of the unceded Mununjali people of South East Queensland and the Palawa people of Tasmania. Shawn is a highly respected Indigenous educator, renowned public speaker and keynote presenter, a thought leader and passionate advocate for equality. Shawn’s life and career has been shaped by his commitment to educate Australians with the truth about Australian history and the desire to demonstrate that Indigenous Australian culture is sophisticated, strong and beautiful. 

shawn andrews- Director

Geoff Martin is an inspiring non-Indigenous Australian who believes strongly that Indigenous Australian Culture should be the centre of Australian Culture. A passionate advocate for reconciliation and authentic Indigenous educator, Geoff has spent the last five years working at Indigicate as an educator and leader. He sees his role as an important part of the reconciliation process and wants to empower all Australians to understand the truth about Australian history. Geoff’s passion and cultural understanding has led to him often being requested to co-lead Indigenous specific camps.

Geoff martin- Director

Rachel Shields is a descendant of the Weilwan and Gamilaroi peoples of North Western New South Wales. Through her mothers line she is a descendant of the First Peoples of the land known as Australia. She acknowledge all elements within her and pay respect to all her ancestors and to the ancestors of all people who walk the Earth today.

She shares here as a human being, a woman who is recognised as an educator, mentor, advocate & adviser, writer, storyteller, musician, artist, communicator and well being facilitator. Her aim is to respectfully contribute to social change in an inclusive manner. She draws upon her experience and connection to nature and her cultural heritage in a practical way that she feels is relevant and useful to our lives today.


rachel shields- Cultural Educator

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Indigicate started in 2014 with the aim of becoming a world leader in reconciliation… read more

Our mission

To close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage through outdoor education and programs that create change

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