Our vision

Our vision is to create unity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through the delivery and development of authentic Indigenous education sessions.

Our Core Values:

  • Respect -For elders, others and land
  • For elders, others and land
  • Belonging – The importance of family and community
  • Knowledge – Listening and Sharing
  • Generosity – Giving back to the community

Who we are

Indigicate is a privately owned Indigenous business that is based on Wurundjeri Country. Since its humble beginnings, Indigicate has grown steadily to form strong partnerships with schools, businesses and outdoor education providers.
Indigicate offers a range of educational programs and outdoor camp experiences that focus on sharing Indigenous Australian culture and history. We use Indigenous pedagogy and philosophy throughout our programs to encourage open, two-way learning opportunities.

What we've achieved

Since it’s beginning in 2014, Indigicate has taught over 6000 students and formed multiple long-term partnerships with schools, outdoor education providers and businesses. We will continue to collaborate with those who have already done so much and build and share our educational resources.


0409 472 210

Monday to Friday
9am -5pm