Schools Brochure

Indigicate specialises in educational sessions on Indigenous Australian culture and history through camps, incursions and cultural training.

Outdoor Education

School Camp Programs

Indigicate design and deliver Indigenous focused programs catered to individual year levels and school requests. Our programs differ from typical outdoor education programs by focusing on understanding the country, rather than conquering it. We offer a variety of camp styles including, accommodation, base camp setup and journey based camps.   All programs are designed to allow significant time to be spent in camp where our staff can implement our Indigenous pedagogy.  

School Incursions

Indigicate offers incursions for all school students. All of Indigicate’s incursions are interactive, engaging and encourage students to ask questions and explore Indigenous culture and history on a deeper level. Sessions are year level specific and can be tailored to incorporate and complement current learning, or can act as an introduction to Indigenous history and culture. Indigicate’s lessons are linked to the Victorian and National curriculum.  Our post camp incursions add significant value to life-long adoption of Indigenous culture and are linked to relevant learning areas such as history, geography and philosophy.  Reflecting on camp experiences upon their return ensures students retain information and can continue to build upon this knowledge for years to come.

We link our content to Australian Curriculum and tailor lessons and camps to each school.
A few topics that we cover on camps and incursions are:

Connection to land
Dance creation
Introduction to history pre and post 1788
Whole body listening and sound mapping
Indigenous symbols and how to use them in artwork
Indigenous Lore
Connection to Land and Spirituality
Dreaming and Dreamtime
First Contact/First Fleet
Totem animals
Indigenous lore
 Indigenous agriculture
Boomerang throwing and Yitiki (didgeridoo) playing when relevant
Indigenous Astronomy
Emblems, Celebrations & Events
Aboriginal people in Sport
 Missions and reserves
Stolen Generation
Government Polices
The Future – closing the gap



A Holistic Approach

At Indigicate we design sequential programs for educators and professionals to ensure staff build upon knowledge from previous years and develop a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and history. In schools our content is designed from school and national curriculum links, Indigicates’ experience and values, and school requests. We work with leadership teams to ensure we are aligned with the school strategic plan and core values.

We offer cultural sessions, assistance with Reconciliation Action Plans’ and provide professional development training and consulting.  Indigicate links cultural awareness to school and business events and themes to make content relevant to changing current affairs




Cultural Awareness Training for Businesses

Indigicate offers Indigenous cultural awareness and Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) training and development for businesses. Our cultural awareness sessions are tailored to suit business needs and assist organisations to develop strategies to include multi layered Indigenous engagement and participation. Indigicate also offers consultation for businesses that are seeking to employ and retain Indigenous employees; as well as mentoring assistance for Indigenous employees.