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At Indigicate we dream big

Indigicate are world leaders in Indigenous education for schools and young people. Our vision is to close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage by changing a generation. We deliver innovative, curriculum driven Indigenous education cultural programs that create hope and inspire young people to see the beauty in Indigenous culture. Our expert team uses sequentially designed Indigenous knowledge systems to promote safe, supportive, non-discriminative learning environments. We are specialists in Outdoor Education and utilise thousands of years of Indigenous knowledge to create learning journeys that are inspirational and unforgettable.

We aim to close the gap through Indigenous education

The only way to close the gap is ensure that we are educating young non-Indigenous Australians truthfully and authentically about Indigenous history and culture. At the same time we must provide programs and opportunities for Indigenous young people living in care to participate in world class leadership and cultural education that not only provides them confidence but also gives them access to strong Indigenous role models.

At Indigicate we use outdoor education combined with Indigenous education as our platform for change. We are a driven, passionate, 100% Indigenous owned company that has a long term approach to fixing one of Australia’s biggest issues. We want reconciliation and unity, and we believe that if we educate non-Indigenous people and teach them about us, whilst supporting our Indigenous kids and keeping their culture strong, that they will better understand each other and they will develop the unity that is desperately needed.


Outdoor Education

Indigicate are experienced outdoor educators who want young people to have safe enjoyable experiences in the outdoors.

Our programs are designed to teach Indigenous connection and built from Indigenous knowledge systems. We use Outdoor Education as our method of delivering authentic Indigenous curriculum.

We know that our way of seeing, hearing and feeling country is unique and we love sharing and teaching this to young people.

Indigenous education 


Indigenous Curriculum

Our experience working in over 50 schools with more than 35,000 students has taught us the value in partnering with schools to teach Indigenous curriculum.

Indigicate has scoped and sequenced Indigenous curriculum from ELC through to Yr 10. Our passionate educators teach Australian history and Indigenous culture authentically adding tremendous value to your school.

Indigenous education Indigenous education Indigenous education 

Whole School Approach

We know schools are busy and we want to ease the time constraints on teachers and schools. Indigicate’s curriculum is designed using Outdoor Education programs as the main classroom and this allows us to teach Indigenous curriculum with little impact for the school.

Indigicate adds extra value to the school camp experience by offering pre- and post- camp incursions. If we combine camps and incursions across multiple year levels, then we will change a generation.

Indigenous education 


Indigenous leadership Programs

We care about our Indigenous young people and want them to succeed in life. Our team have extensive experience working with Indigenous young people at risk in outdoor settings.

Our staff understand the complexities of living in care and the difficulties of balancing culture with the western world. Our programs are designed to provide role models and develop communication skills. Our programs have been evaluated and we know how important it is that programs are safe, culturally relevant and meaningful.


My name is Rick Tudor, and I am delighted to write this testimonial for Shawn Andrews, as a school principal of 23 years.

Since my first meeting with Shawn in 2014 I have come to know Shawn as a highly motivated, highly energised Indigenous man. His vision of promoting his people, and his determination to provide new opportunities for younger members of Indigenous communities, have been highly influential.

He has also worked very effectively to bring genuine understandings of Indigenous culture to non Indigenous youth. Not only has he achieved this through the design and implementation of curriculum, but on-country experiences, and camping encounters within the natural environment.

Shawn Andrews certainly has translated his passion to positively influence both Indigenous and non Indigenous youngsters. Details of his programs can be referenced on his website.

Rick Tudor OAM


I had the privilege of watching Shawn Andrews, a young, proud Aboriginal man host a yarning circle with 30 non – indigenous people. The power and knowledge he bought really touched the heart and opened the minds of all that were present. If education is the key then Indigicate have the key to unlock every door to educating mainstream Australia and in an open and very empowering way.

Matthew Atkinson | Project Manager
Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative


“The Indigicate session was a real eye opener to things I’ve never thought about, considered, seen or heard of. It was a great discussion of our history as Australians as well as the ‘other perspective’ that we rarely hear from. Things were learnt, history was exposed, eyes were opened and change is coming.”

“The Indigicate training that we received was amazing! Shawn let me gain a new perspective on a lot of things that I had my concrete views about. He gave me an insight into the history of Australia and the Indigenous people that own the land. I would recommend it to anyone without thinking twice!”

Victorian SRC Executive members


Shawn Andrews came over to Norway in November 2017 to hold a two day workshop for secondary school teachers in how to teach Indigenous culture and history in the classroom, as part of a larger teacher conference. The workshop consisted of lectures on different topics and practical activities. Shawn’s presentation was engaging and challenging. He had no trouble adapting to a non-Australian audience. Participants were very pleased with the workshop and gave excellent feedback after the two days. Several have made contact in the following months to ask more about topics that Shawn covered. In just a few days, he has made a real impact on the teaching in our school district.

Helen Murray


As a Weilwan & Gamilaroi Woman, a descendant of the first peoples of the continent known as Australia, I trust your way (Indigicates way) of representing and being a voice for the spirit of our many cultures.

Indigcate’s educational approach is inclusive and so engaging that one cannot help but be inspired to know more about the histories of land, people and place.

The sharing of knowledge is vital in generating understanding and awareness, with Indigicate this lands comfortably in the hearts of each person who has had the opportunity engage in their activities on offer.

With all that is on offer on cultural education platform, I have found the Indicate team to have a very special integrity about them, both in upholding culture and in respecting the varying degrees of knowledge base in those learning with them.

Rachel Shields


“I had the good fortune of having Indigicate recommended to me.

As a director of an early childhood education and care service, building our Indigenous profile was very important but had been difficult to access.

Indigicate not only was accessible, but the full team have been amazing in their support and commitment to delivering authentic experiences and client satisfaction.

We have accessed staff and children teaching sessions, as well as securing the expertise of Aboriginal Auntie Arora to open our Bush Tucker Garden with storytelling, demonstration and artefacts.

I would highly recommend Indigicate for their passion to deliver quality Indigenous policy and practice.”

Deb Porter

Centre Director

Casey Childcare and Kindergarten


From both a researcher and camp leader perspective, I have witnessed a wide range of positive changes in the young people who have attended Indigicate’s outdoor recreation experiences. These changes are particularly salient in relation to interpersonal skills and cultural connectedness, in which the young people learn to respect oneself and others and appreciate their Aboriginal culture. I believe that the opportunities Indigicate offers indigenous youth serve as an important factor in further developing the wellbeing and social identity of these great young people and I look forward to working with Indigicate in the future.




EXCITING NEWSIndigicate reaches new milestones. In February 2018 Indigicate taught its 35,000 student!. The journey so far has been very exciting with Indigicate’s CEO Shawn Andrews saying, ‘It’s a fantastic achievement and is something that we could not have achieved six years ago (In Australia), we are starting to head in the right direction and I am very proud of our staff, they have worked hard for this’.

The welcomed growth has come with some hiccups for the young company. Shawn has suggested that there are changes coming at Indigicate ‘Our growth has allowed us to build and develop our capacity and taught us how we should package our programs in the future, all I can say at this stage is that there is some exciting news coming in the next few months’. One program that has been trailed recently is Indigicate’s corporate training program. The program has been in development for over six months and has involved significant training. When asked about the program Shawn said, ‘The training is part leadership and part cultural training, it involves a journey and is something that we are proud of’.

Trying to not give too much away Shawn replied when questioned about the specifics of the training ‘Like everything we do at Indigicate, we want to make sure it works before start offering it to organisations, so far the programs have been successful we just need a wider sample base to ensure we have everything spot on’. Indigicate expects to launch in new programs early in 2018 including it’s newly packaged corporate leadership program.


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Journeys that create reconciliation, promote wellbeing and close the gap. That is what we're about. #Indigciate_Aus ...

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5 months ago


This is Amazing.

Indigicate has been working with Montmorency South Primary School for over four years. During that time we have facilitated several incursions for students and professional development for the school's teachers. In addition to this we have participated in the school's amazing country and culture day for four straight years. Today, after an emotional acknowledgement of country, all of the Indigenous educators were presented with an apology from the students. They want us to know that they are sorry that we have experienced pain from the invasion of our countries and that they are with us for a better future.

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