What we do

We are a majority Indigenous owned company that specialises in reconciliation. We achieve this through connection based education programs that target non-Indigenous people and Indigenous connection camps that focus on providing high quality experience for Indigenous youth.

In addition to providing connection camps we also provide cultural training for organisations. Our training prepares organisations for best reconciliation practices by tailoring training to suit the organisations values and objectives.

Our Story

Indigicate was founded in 2014 by Shawn Andrews. Shawn had been working as the Indigenous relationship manager for a large accounting firm. In Shawn’s various roles with community and business he often heard people saying ‘the problem with Indigenous people is…’ in relation to how we can close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage. Shawn realised that the models being used for reconciliation needed to change and that there needed to be shift away from focusing on ‘fixing’ Indigenous people. Shawn knew a change in reconciliation education was needed and felt that the only way to close the gap of disadvantage is to change the way non-Indigenous people value Indigenous Australian Culture. He believed that we can achieve reconciliation through an educational program that focuses on teaching non-Indigenous authentic Australian history and the beauty and diversity of Indigenous Australian cultures. As a qualified outdoor educator he saw the value of outdoor education as vehicle for change and stared designing a model to create change. This was the beginning of Indigicate.

Indigicate began as a sole trader. Shawn was working closely with schools, teaching the strength and beauty of Indigenous culture to non-Indigenous people on incursions and sessions on school camps. As demand grew Indigicate switched from a sole trader to a company at the beginning of 2016. Over time, through word of mouth, other organisations reached out to Shawn to provide training. In 2016, Indigicate facilitated its first school camp, designed using Indigenous pedagogy which focuses on understanding the environment rather trying to conquer it.

Over our journey Indigicate have formed strong relationships with our partners. Indigicate established it first major partnership with Beaconhills College who demonstrated a major commitment to reconciliation, closely followed by King David School, and in more recent years Scotch College and Donvale Christian College.

Indigicate remains committed to our vision of giving every student in Australia an understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture and history through truthful conversations and experiences.


Our Partners

Organisations we have worked with