Our Aim and vision
core-values-diagram_textOur Aim

To close the gap by changing a generation

Our Vision

Our vision is to create unity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through the delivery and development of authentic Indigenous education sessions.

Our Core Values: 

Respect -For elders, others and land
Belonging – The importance of family and community
Knowledge – Listening and Sharing
Generosity – Giving back to the community

About Us

About Us

Indigicate are world leaders in Indigenous education for schools and young people. Our vision is to close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage by changing a generation. We deliver innovative, curriculum driven Indigenous cultural programs that create hope and inspire young people to see the beauty in Indigenous culture. Our expert team uses sequentially designed Indigenous knowledge systems to promote safe, supportive, non-discriminate learning environments. We are specialists in Outdoor Education and utilise thousands of years of Indigenous knowledge to create learning journeys that are inspirational and unforgettable. Opened in 2014, Indigicate is an experienced Indigenous company that is 100% Indigenous owned. We have worked with over 53 schools and have educated more the 35,000 students.

Closing the gap is our shared responsability

The only way to close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage is through education. At Indigicate, we have designed curriculum based outdoor education programs that use Indigenous knowledge systems to authentically educate young people about Indigenous culture and history. We believe that if we authentically teach young people using open conversations that we will change a generation and close the gap of Indigenous disadvantage.

Authentic Indigenous Outdoor Education

Our outdoor education programs work because they are authentic. Our motto ‘We don’t conquer mountains, we understand them’ comes from the wisdom of our old people and is the very essence of every Indigicate outdoor education program. The journeys are designed to encourage relationship building through conversation and story telling. Our educators are experienced leaders who are passionate about Indigenous culture and the journey towards unity. Our programs use Indigenous language, teach Indigenous connection and connect with local Indigenous people.

Sequential curriculum built around Outdoor Education

Indigicate’s outdoor education programs use sequential curriculum, combined with pre- and post- camp incursions that aim to promote deep learning outcomes. We know that schools are busy places and appreciate the time pressures placed on teachers. This is why we have developed Indigenous curriculum for outdoor education. All schools participate in camps and learning on country is our speciality. Using us to design and facilitate school camps will ensure that schools can teach Indigenous curriculum authentically with minimal impact to the schools timetable. Our pre camp incursions are designed to prepare the students with knowledge about the area and introduce the students to the Indigenous curriculum. Post camp we unpack the learning from camp and measure the learning outcomes. All of this is completed with minimal impact to the schools timetable


What we've achieved
Since it’s beginning in 2014, Indigicate has taught over 35,000 students in more than 50 schools and facilitated several successful camps for Indigenous young people in care. Our team has formed strong partnerships with many schools and organisations, presented workshops across the world and assisted with strategic direction planning with state and federal government.

For us, it just the beginning.