“All of year 8 found Shawn’s talk on Monday morning very educating and insightful. We felt we had learned so much, and his speech has resonated among us. Hearing the facts firsthand about Indigenous lives and the how Indigenous people been treated in the past and the present, inspire us to change the current views and policies and make a difference to help make everyone equal. The way Shawn spoke was captivating, and not at all intimidating as some speeches can be. We all felt that we could connect with Shawn, as we knew that the opinions that we expressed would be met with and open mind and no judgment whatsoever. All of year 8 has learnt so much from Shawn, and look forward to hearing from him in the future” – Yr 8 student – Beaconhills College


“The group found this to be an inspirational and utterly captivating session- you could have heard a pin drop in the room at any time. They spoke about the session for the next couple of days and will never hear a kookaburra again without thinking that you are there with them.” Fairley Leadership group 2016