What self-determination means to me- By Terry Atkinson Jnr

My name is Terry Atkinson Junior, I am a Wemba Wemba man from North-West Victoria and today I want to explain what self-determination means to me. I write this story, not as a scholar, but as a young Aboriginal man who feels as though the Aboriginal perspective,...

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“Is it real Aboriginal art?”

Indigicate founder Shawn Andrews teaching "is it real Aboriginal art?" #howdoweknow Aboriginal art authenticity How can you be sure when you buy Aboriginal art that it is an authentic piece made by Aboriginal people? Some claim that 90% “Aboriginal-style” art wasn’t...

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So excited for the next future of Indigenous education

[As of November 29, 2015] It's been an amazing nine months of operation for Indigicate. So excited for the next future of Indigenous education. Slowly we are changing education if you've got spare ten minutes read our recent article from The Age. From Indigenous dolls...

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Indigicate – Shawn’s Story

Resources For Educators

Indigicate will continue to grow this page. There are many local and national organisations who have invaluable resources we hope to continue to share subject to their approval.  If you would like to have your work linked to this page or if you have specific content needs for your school or business please email

Creative Spirits
Creative Spirits offer a number of resources for teachers across many subject areas.

NITV has a range on topics about Indigineous Australia.


Archie Roach

Johnny Huckle


There used to be over 600 Indigenous languages not including dialects.  From what we know there are around 150 currently surviving. More are being researched and discovered every day.
Here are just two samples:
Yolngu online dictionary – created by John Greatorex in 2014

Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages

Victorian Aboriginal Languages

Creation Stories
Dreaming (Boon Wurrung)

Bunjil – First Australians