School incursion

School incursions with Indigicate are a great way to begin your school’s cultural journey. Through discussions with your teachers, we gain an understanding of the content covered in class, enabling us to tailor our incursions to meet your educational needs. Our incursions can range from an introduction lesson, to content that will challenge students at the end of topic.

Often, school teachers feel overwhelmed or underprepared when teaching students about Indigenous culture and history. By working with Indigicate, you can meet your curriculum needs, and support Reconciliation by engaging an Indigenous business.

Our rates for incursions / excursions start from $750.00 per day.

Indigicate has worked with many schools’ incursions and excursions covering a wide range of topics. Please contact us to begin a discussion about your vision for an Indigicate incursion at your school.

Please note that NAIDOC Week (7th - 14th July 2019) is a very busy time for Indigicate, and our time gets booked out quickly.

If you are considering having an Indigicate educator join you as part of your NAIDOC Week celebration, please contact us in advance to ensure you don’t miss out!

What We Do

Our Philosophies

Indigicate’s philosophy is to provide a range of outdoor programs that provide students with positive experiences of Indigenous culture. We want students to participate in authentic, sequential, cultural experiences. Experiences that help them understand that Indigenous Australian culture is complex and beautiful.
Primary School Camps

Primary school camps provide fantastic opportunities for students to learn Indigenous curriculum. Our skilled staff will visit your camp and facilitate engaging, interactive, curriculum based lessons. The most popular lesson that we facilitate is open conversation in the evenings. The open conversation is a fantastic method of introducing the students to history and provides them with a safe space to talk about Australian history.
Secondary School Camps

Indigicate loves educating young people in the outdoors. We design and facilitate whole year level school camps in many locations across the state. We have the expertise and experience to ensure your students are safe and that they have an enjoyable camp experience. Our outdoor education pedagogy is unique. We tailor programs to the students and focus on connection to self, country (land) and community.
Our Playgrounds

School camps and outdoor education programs are experiences that last a lifetime. Indigicate works with schools to ensure that the best outdoor venue is chosen for your school group. We have experience in many state and national parks and even have access to remote locations that can only be accessed with permission from Indigenous people. We have so many favourite venues, two that we love using are Gariwerd (Grampians) and The Bochara (Glenelg river).
Our Capacity

Indigicate can design and facilitate a camp for a maximum of 90 students at one time.

Our programs range from shorter, 3 to 5 day VCE and cultural immersion camps for 12 participants through to 14-day, multiple activity programs for up to 90 students.

We will be increasing our capacity in 2020. Please contact us for more details.

Programs tailored to you

Indigenous pedagogy has a deep two way learning component. Two way learning for us means that we need to understand the schools culture and the year levels needs. We work closely with the school to foster a relationship that enables us to tailor camps that suit your values and learning outcomes. When we work closely with schools the students learning is enhanced and the outcomes are stronger.
Our Safety

Indigicate is serious about safety. Our team are well trained in wilderness first aid, mental health first aid, deescalation techniques and severe weather protocols. Every group leader carries an emergency kit, first aid kit, and satellite phone. All of our programs have a support person who stays in a central location and keeps regular contact with the leaders. Our risk assessments are extensive and we have extensive experience at all the venues we use.
Connection based education

Connection based education is the foundations of our Indigenous pedagogy. We want young people to connect. Connect with themselves, nature and community. Indigenous Australians are renowned for their connection to country and community. Our connection practices teach students to stop focusing on individual needs and open up to listening to the world around them. Our connection practices are the best parts of our programs.
Price / Booking Indigicate

Booking Indigicate is easy. Click the link below, fill out the booking form and lets us do the rest. The cost for booking Indigicate for a school incursion or excursion is $750.00 per staff per day. Secondary School Camps range from $110.00 to $180.00 per person, per day.

  • "I had the privilege of watching Shawn Andrews, a young, proud Aboriginal man host a yarning circle with 30 non – indigenous people. The power and knowledge he bought really touched the heart and opened the minds of all that were present. If education is the key then Indigicate have the key to unlock every door to educating mainstream Australia and in an open and very empowering way."

    Matthew Atkinson
    Project Manager - Rumbalare Aboriginal Co-operative

  • "Since my first meeting with Shawn in 2014 I have come to know Shawn as a highly motivated, highly energised Indigenous man. His vision of promoting his people, and his determination to provide new opportunities for younger members of Indigenous communities, have been highly influential. He has also worked very effectively to bring genuine understandings of Indigenous culture to non Indigenous youth. Not only has he achieved this through the design and implementation of curriculum, but on-country experiences, and camping encounters within the natural environment. Shawn Andrews certainly has translated his passion to positively influence both Indigenous and non Indigenous youngsters".

    Rick Tudor
    Former Principal Trinity Grammar School

  • "The Indigicate session was a real eye opener to things I've never thought about, considered, seen or heard of. It was a great discussion of our history as Australians as well as the 'other perspective' that we rarely hear from. Things were learnt, history was exposed, eyes were opened and change is coming."

    SRC Victoria - Executive Student