Outdoor Education

Authentic Indigenous Outdoor Education

Our outdoor education programs work because they are authentic. Our motto ‘We don’t conquer mountains, we understand them’ comes form the wisdom of our old people and is the very essence of every Indigicate outdoor education program. The journeys are designed to encourage relationship building through conversation and story telling. Our educators are experienced leaders who are passionate about Indigenous culture and the journey towards unity. Our programs use Indigenous language, teach Indigenous connection and connect with local Indigenous people.

Sequential curriculum build around Outdoor Education

Indigicate’s outdoor education programs use sequential curriculum, combined with pre and post camp incursions that aim to promote deep learning outcomes. We know that schools are busy places and appreciate the time pressures placed on teachers. Therefore, we have developed Indigenous curriculum for outdoor education. All schools participate in camps and learning on country is our speciality. Using us to design and facilitate school camps will ensure that schools can teach Indigenous curriculum authentically with minimal impact to the school’s timetable. Our pre-camp incursions are designed to prepare the students with knowledge about the area and introduce the students to the Indigenous curriculum. Post camp we unpack the learning from camp and measure the learning outcomes. All of this is completed with minimal impact to the schools timetable.

Whole School Approach

Indigicate wants to partner with schools

Indigicate’s leadership team are experienced educators. Our experience in teaching Indigenous education has taught us that the best method for reaching reconciliation and unity is to work with schools using a sequential curriculum. We want to partner with schools and provide them with a whole school approach that educates young people and prepares them for a future where they are able to walk side by side with Indigenous people. Starting from foundation year (or ELC) through to year ten, our curriculum combines Indigicate’s values and Indigenous knowledge systems designed specifically to change a generation

 Our sequented curriulum is built from the core themes listed below. Copies of our full curriculum are availble on request. 




Indigenous Connections

Our four CORE VALUES are filtered throughout all our programs and lessons:

  • Respect- For elders, others and land
  • Knowledge- Listening and Sharing
  • Belonging- The importance of family and community
  • Generosity- Giving back to the community

Curriculum Connections:

Links to the Australian National Curriculum General Capabilities and Cross-Curriculum Priorities


The core knowledge and skills are progressively built upon and developed at each year level:

  • Recognise emotions
  • Develop reflective practice
  • Investigate culture and cultural identity
  • Become confident, resilient and adaptable
  • Explore ethical concepts in context
  • Explore and compare cultural knowledge, beliefs and practices

Wellbeing Connections

We foster student’s WELLBEING though:

  • Creating a sense of belonging and meaning
  • Empathy and gratitude
  • Promoting positive supportive relationships
  • Creating supportive environments
  • Improving quality connections




Secondary School Outdoor Education

Secondary School Programs that are autentically Indigenous

Indigicate’s Indigenous programs are designed to teach curriculum and Indigenous connection. We use outdoor education as the main learning experience and deepen the learning outcomes through structured pre and post camp school incursions. A journey with us is a journey with Indigenous culture, a journey that respects that past and prepares young people for the future. We want to change a generation and know that we can achieve this goal working side by side with schools.

Kunga, Nya, Munai, Jagun. (Hear, see, feel, country)

Year 7, 8 and 9 Indigenous Connection Outdoor Education Programs


Indigenous Outdoor Education designed by Indigenous Australians

Indigenous Australians have an intimate and spiritual connection with the land. At Indigicate we want to teach young people about our connection and show them how to connect with the country. Our outdoor education programs are unique. We use old ways to teach young people, break down barriers and stereotypes through curriculum and create unity by bringing non-Indigenous and Indigenous people together.

Outdoor Education designed using Indigenous Curriculum

Indigicate’s staff are passionate experienced educators who have taught Indigenous curriculum in schools across Australia. Our sequenced Indigenous curriculum is designed to close the gap of Indigenous education and strengthen reconciliation. Our curriculum is built around outdoor education experiences and combines pre and post camp incursions that deepen the learning outcomes.

We teach Indigenous Connection

Indigenous connection is our spiritual connection to the land and is viewed by us as an essential component of well-being. At Indigciate we teach Indigenous connection through whole body listening and mindfulness. Our connection based education compliments our curriculum and deepens the students understanding of Indigenous culture. We want students to connect with ‘country’ and experience the connection of the worlds oldest living culture.

Year level themes

Year 7- Connection to country

Year 7 focuses on connecting to country through base camp outdoor education programs. The program’s Indigenous theme is living with the land and respecting country. In addition to our Indigenous curriculum and connection lessons our expert outdoor educators teach the students the fundamentals of outdoor education through short walks and base camp activities.

Year 8- Connection to self

In year 8 the program is a slow hiking journey that explores our theme of personal identity and respect for self. We want the students to build on their connection to country through strengthening their understanding of self and the importance of self care.

Year 9- Connection to community

The year 9 theme unpacks relationships and respect for others. Building on the knowledge from previous years the students embark on a canoe journey that uniquely introduces them to Indigenous concepts of connection to water. The community (group) are the decision makers on this journey. An integral part of the year nine camp is to use Indigenous learning circles and leadership techniques to empower the year 9’s to make decisions that impact the length and difficulty of their journey. We want them to deicide the journey outcomes and we support them through their decision making process.

Ngatanwarr, Matkatkat, Bocara Camp

Welcome, be quiet on the Bocara river.

Year 10 Indigenous immersion camp

The year 10 Bocara camp is a small group camp offered as an extra option for year 10 outdoor education experiences. This experience is Indigicate’s pinnacle program and designed as an Indigenous immersion experience.

Groups as split into boys and girls groups. Their journey starts with a traditional welcome and smoking ceremony with local Indigenous elders. After the ceremony the group will chose their group totem and their individual totem for the trip. The choosing of an Individual totem is an important process. It determines which local animal the individual will be connected to and we will be replacing the students name with their totem name for the duration of the trip.

During the journey the group will participate in cultural dance, dreaming story creation and Indigenous land management. The group will add to their knowledge of the Gunditjjmara people through locally focused history sessions with Indigicate staff and local indigenous leaders. The trip concludes with a tandurrum celebration and a traditional kup-murri meal.



Primary school programs
Indigicate have a sequential curriculum designed specifically to deepen primary school students understanding of Indigenous knowledge. The curriculum is structured for incursions from ELC to year 2, excursions and outdoor education for year 3 and 4, Sovereign hill year 5 and Canberra federation for year 6.

Majority of primary school’s book Indigicate for incursions and daily booked sessions on school camp. Indigicate are currently in negotiation with several schools regarding a whole school immersion and tailored outdoor education experiences.

Primary schools are encouraged to book us early. If you would like to discuss our options in person please contact us.


Additional Indigicate Programs

Additional Programs

Single day and multi day Incursions

Indigicate facilitates single day and multi day Indigenous curriculum incursions for all year levels.


We design and facilitate learning experiences for day trips and school camps outside of the school grounds. Some of the programs we have developed include historical walks around Melbourne, canoe trips down the Yarra and exploring the stories of the bush for foundation years.

Assembly addresses

Indigicate’s CEO Shawn Andrews is an experienced keynote speaker with over 10 years experience. In addition to his multiple school assembly speeches Shawn has held keynote positions in Norway, Switzerland and Canada.

Staff Professional Development

Indigicate tailors professional development for teachers and schools based on their individual requirements, Our professional development sessions for teachers is uniquely designed to allow time for questions and solutions for reconciliation.