Staff training

Our programs help staff to develop cultural competency, gain an understanding of Australian history, the gap of indigenous disadvantage and the reasons it exists, and empower them to make changes towards reconciliation. Our staff training packages start with a site visit to gain an understanding of your business. We then create a staff training session designed specifically for your business.

Our staff training packages are run by Shawn Andrews, highly commended public speaker and educator. Shawn has presented at national and international conferences of Indigenous business, and delivered speeches to crowds of 2000+ people on multiple occasions. Shawn is a descendant of the Mununjali people of South East Queensland and the Palawa people of Tasmania. Shawns’ calm, respectful way of approaching and having difficult conversations has gained him the nickname of ‘the velvet sledgehammer’.

Staff training sessions are often run in small workshop groups from 15-20 people. If you are interested in engaging Indigicate to provide your cultural competency training please contact us using the link below.

What We Do


Our Philosophies

Indigicate’s philosophy is to design tailored cultural training packages that educate staff and enable businesses to walk with Indigenous communities on the path to reconciliation. We want people who experience our training to understand our shared history and feel empowered in what they can do to work towards reconciliation.


R.A.P. development

Developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (R.A.P.) is a great way for your company to demonstrate its commitment to reconciliation. Unfortunately, many companies R.A.P. 's are either too large, lack tangible steps to allow for implementation, or at worst, are tokenistic.

Indigicate have worked with many companies to develop their Reconciliation Action Plan. Our staff can help you to develop a R.A.P. that is relevant to your company, practical in its implementation and will have meaningful impact on your path to reconciliation.


Training tailored to your company

Our staff training is designing to meet the requirements and expectations of your company. We tailor our training session by arranging a site visit prior to the staff training session where we learn about your company and what you wish to achieve from your training.

We are committed to helping companies become active ambassadors of change. We only work with companies that are ready to commit to improving the lives of Indigenous Australians.


Training duration

The duration of our training ranges depending on the requirements of your business. Our shortest session is a half day (4 hours) session which includes a brief history from an indigenous perspective, an open question and answer session with an Indigenous person, and a brainstorming session on steps the participants can take to help the business on there journey towards reconciliation. For information on our longer training sessions, or how we can help your business please contact us using the link below.


Our Philosophy

Our training sessions are predominately run in small groups of between 15 – 20 people. From our experience this is the best group size to allow all participants to have their voices heard while also allowing our presenters to connect with each participant.


price/booking indigicate

Booking Indigicate is easy. Click the link below, fill out the booking form and lets us do the rest. The cost for booking Indigicate for staff training is $750.00 per day.

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  • "I had the privilege of watching Shawn Andrews, a young, proud Aboriginal man host a yarning circle with 30 non – indigenous people. The power and knowledge he bought really touched the heart and opened the minds of all that were present. If education is the key then Indigicate have the key to unlock every door to educating mainstream Australia and in an open and very empowering way."

    Matthew Atkinson
    Project Manager - Rumbalare Aboriginal Co-operative

  • "Since my first meeting with Shawn in 2014 I have come to know Shawn as a highly motivated, highly energised Indigenous man. His vision of promoting his people, and his determination to provide new opportunities for younger members of Indigenous communities, have been highly influential. He has also worked very effectively to bring genuine understandings of Indigenous culture to non Indigenous youth. Not only has he achieved this through the design and implementation of curriculum, but on-country experiences, and camping encounters within the natural environment. Shawn Andrews certainly has translated his passion to positively influence both Indigenous and non Indigenous youngsters".

    Rick Tudor
    Former Principal Trinity Grammar School

  • "The Indigicate session was a real eye opener to things I've never thought about, considered, seen or heard of. It was a great discussion of our history as Australians as well as the 'other perspective' that we rarely hear from. Things were learnt, history was exposed, eyes were opened and change is coming."

    SRC Victoria - Executive Student